Friday, January 30, 2009

This isn't how it's supposed to be!

I had a hockey game last Saturday night and my mom was kind enough to watch Peter. It was too late of a game for them to attend, so she graciously stayed back with him to put him to bed. After going out to dinner and swinging back to pick up my hockey gear before the game, I walked in on my mom and Peter clearly having fun! Peter was wearing just a onesie and a sweater but no pants. There was figure skating on the TV and apparently Peter had been "practicing" his moves. My mom said he watched for awhile and then looked at her, started tugging at his pants and said, "!" The figure skating girls on TV didn't have any pants on, so Peter decided he shouldn't either! Too funny! He showed me his fabulous ice skating moves on the carpet, which was hilarious! But it was summed up beautifully by my friend, who said, "There is something wrong with this picture...your son is pretending to figure skate while his mom is going to play hockey." I guess Peter doesn't discriminate...any and all sports are good in his book!

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