Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So THAT's how you do it!

Easter weekend Peter woke up, happy as usual and ready to take on the day! Our conversation went a little like this:
Me: "Peter, what would you like for breakfast...a waffle or a Pop Tart?" (Yes, I know that technically, Pop Tarts aren't really a nutritional powerhouse, but hey...I've got a picky eater!)
Peter: "I want chicken nuggets."
Me: "We don't eat nuggets for breakfast. We eat them for dinner. Would you like a waffle or Pop Tart?"
Peter (with an Aha! expression on his face): "I want dinner! I want nuggets!"

So classic...not even 2 years old and figuring out ways to make things happen! I admire that...

And if I haven't said it before, I absolutely can't imagine my life without this spirited, spunky, dynamic, verbal, engaging, challenging child. He is absolutely the love of my life and brings me so much joy! What a gift...