Monday, March 2, 2009

A perfect Saturday

Peter and I had the opportunity to spend a wonderful day with Molly Durkin (see her work here), an amazing photographer that provided us with a complimentary photo session and portrait package. She blogs every so often and she decided to have a Blessings Contest. Well, lo and behold, my friend Stephanie nominated me and Peter for it and we were picked!!! To say we were thrilled is an understatement!

We arrived in Molly's studio just before noon on Saturday and within seconds, Peter had warmed up and was in rare form, putting on his "show" as only he can! I don't know what she "captured" but I do know that we had an amazing time and it was so much fun! Peter quickly learned to say Molly's name and was constantly uttering it throughout the session. That and his usual "CHEESE!" anytime he sees a camera. Can't wait to see what the end result is!

Peter has had some extra cute utterances lately, so I just have to include them here for posterity! On Ash Wednesday, we attended mass at CPC and afterwards I went to pick him up from the nursery. He looked at me, pointed to the ashes on my forehead, and said "Owie!" Too cute...

Also, this past weekend he woke up in a particularly good mood. He climbed into bed and just started chatting with/at me. First he told me that he wanted to watch Thomas. Check. Then he so coyly asked, "Sucker?" After the mock horror response that he received of "What?!?!" he leaned in closer and said again, "Sucker!" Ahhh...apparently if you lean in CLOSER you're more likely to get what you want! :-) Peter would be PERFECT in another country! Don't people often speak more slowly/loudly/closer when they are in a place where people don't understand English? Like that somehow will make them understand what you're saying? It made me chuckle all day long!

Oh, and I wrapped up my hockey season this past weekend with a friends versus family game. It was a lot of fun and I have to say...those little kids and high school girls showed us no mercy! The guys were at least generous in going easy on us, but we got SCHOOLED by the other ones! Very fun! Thanks to all of my hockey teammates (now friends) that made it such an amazing season. I look forward to next year!